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  1. Publication: Decision Insight 20181001

    High Availability and Disaster Recovery deployment options Supported deployments Active-Passive For both high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR), Active-Passive deployment is supported. In this kind of setup, a single instance of the application is active. A backup instance, stopped

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  2. Publication: Decision Insight 20181001

    How to group absorptions Learn how to group absorptions. Prerequisite: How to use mappings in routes Camel aggregation See Aggregator documentation for the options list regarding the completion and correlation. In the examples below we use constant correlation key in

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  3. Publication: Decision Insight 20181001

    How to install a license on a deployment? A valid license is required for the product to work. Installers may or may not provide licenses or licenses may become invalid. In such situations, you must install a new license. A

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    UpdatedApril 9, 2019 11:48 am

    Publication: Embedded Analytics for Secure Transport 2.0

    Frequently asked questions Why is there a mismatch between the count of transfers per account / per emitter type / at a global level? You may experience such an issue when neutral transfers are reported by SecureTransport. As a side

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