The following table lists corresponding Syncplicity information for Salesforce records.

Salesforce custom object stores the Salesforce record to Syncplicity folder mapping and permission management. You can execute queries against this object.

Field Type Description
Id  String Unique Id inserted by Salesforce
uniqueId String Unique Id created from the combination of Salesforce userId and Salesforce record Id
salesforceUserId String Salesforce userId for users
syncpEmailId Email Syncplicity email Id
salesforceRecordId String Salesforce record Id
syncpSyncPointId String Syncplicity syncpoint Id
syncpFolderPermissions Integer Syncplicity user permission on folder
isAdmin String Flag to check if it is an admin or user sync record
syncpFilesFolderId String Folder ID is shared with user
syncpRecordFolderId String Parent Folder ID of syncpFilesFolderId

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