Deploy the agent

This topic describes downloading and deploying images for the Edge Agent. It also describes granting the agent runtime user access rights to shared files for the agent service.


Before you begin:

  • You must have an Amplify Platform account.
  • You must have operational knowledge of the tools used with the agent. This includes Docker for deploying the agent and, if applicable, Filebeat for configuring the connection between the connected product and the agent over the Lumberjack protocol.
  • Install Docker Community Edition (CE) 18.06.0 or later. The Compose file version used is 3.7. Review the compatibility matrix. You can use the following command to check your version of Docker: docker -v.
  • See the documentation for your on-premises product to determine whether you must use the Lumberjack protocol with a tool such as Filebeat or the Queueless Transport (QLT) protocol for sending usage events to the agent. QLT is a synchronous Axway proprietary protocol that operates over TCP/IP.

Download images and configuration files

Go to Axway support and log on. Look up downloads for your product and version. Find the file for Amplify Edge Agent 1.0. Download the archive file. It contains the following image files to deploy on Docker.

Image file Service
confluentinc_cp-kafka.tar.gz Kafka
confluentinc_cp-zookeeper.tar.gz Zookeper
axway_edge-agent.tar.gz Amplify Edge Agent

In addition, you must download separately the agent configuration files for your product and version. There are two files per product:

  • An input configuration file that defines the type of data the agent collects from your product.
  • A report configuration file the agent uses to aggregate the data to upload to the platform.

Deploy images

Use the following command to load all the Docker images in any order:

docker load -i <image file>

Deploy configuration files

After deploying the agent, copy the product-specific configuration files to the following directories:

  • The input configuration file to <install_directory>/conf/agent/aggregation
  • The report configuration file to <install_directory>/conf/agent/report

You must edit the report configuration file to add the environment ID associated with your platform organization. See Create an environment.

See the user documentation for your product for details.

Grant file access on agent host

You must grant the agent runtime user access rights to shared files for the agent service, according to each file access requirement detailed in the following table.

For example, to grant ownership rights to the agent runtime user to write on the host computer:

sudo chown -R 11001:11000 <host_path>

Do not use the agent in production without granting file access for persistence. Failure to do so would result in loss of data.

Configuration files are shared with containers from the host computer through volumes configured in the deployment descriptor.

Service Volume Default host path Container path Minimal access rights


./data/agent/logs /opt/cnd/node/var/log Read/Write
data_directory ./data/agent/data /opt/cnd/node/var/data/silver Read/Write
service_configuration ./conf/agent/ /opt/cnd/node/conf/ Read
log_configuration ./conf/agent/ /opt/cnd/node/conf/ Read
db_configuration ./conf/agent/ /opt/cnd/node/conf/ Read
aggregation_configuration ./conf/agent/aggregation /opt/cnd/node/conf/silver/aggregation Read
report_configuration ./conf/agent/report /opt/cnd/node/conf/rhenium/report Read
capture_keystore ./conf/agent/ingestion/keystore.jks /opt/cnd/node/conf/mercury/certs/capture/keystore.jks Read
capture_truststore ./conf/agent/ingestion/truststore.jks /opt/cnd/node/conf/mercury/certs/capture/truststore.jks Read


./data/zookeeper/data /var/lib/zookeeper/data Read/Write
zookeeper_transaction_logs_directory ./data/zookeeper/txn-logs /var/lib/zookeeper/log Read/Write


/etc/kafka/ Read
kafka1 kafka1_data_directory ./data/kafka/vol1/data /var/lib/kafka/data Read/Write
kafka2 kafka2_data_directory ./data/kafka/vol2/data /var/lib/kafka/data Read/Write
kafka3 kafka3_data_directory ./data/kafka/vol3/data /var/lib/kafka/data Read/Write

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