Agent operations

This topic describes AMPLIFY Edge Agent operations such as logs, removing, starting and stopping, and backup and restore.

Start and stop the service

Run both of the following commands from the root of the agent install directory.

To start the agent:

docker-compose up -d

To stop the agent:

docker-compose down


Agent logs are produced in the log_directory shared file.

To stop persisting agent logs on the host computer, removed the log_directory shared file's volume mapping from the deployment descriptor.


To remove the agent:

docker-compose down

To remove orphans volumes, which removes all orphans volume and not only agent volumes:

docker volume prune

To remove data persisted on disk, use Linux commands.

Backup and restore

The service handles automatic recovery without data loss or data reprocessing in the following scenarios as indicated.

Scenario Description Supported
Start or stop (gracefully shutdown and restart) Use docker-compose commands to start and stop the services. (tick)
Restart from failure Service crashes are resolved by automatic restarts. (tick)
Migrations Move the agent on another node or computer or folder on same node. (tick)
Upgrades  Service upgrades to newer versions. (error)

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