About subscription usage tracking

Subscription usage tracking is how Axway collects and monitors usage data related to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and connected products that you use on a subscription basis. You can view your usages compared to entitlements on the Amplify Platform. Your entitlements are thresholds of the services to which you have subscribed. Entitlements are established in your subscription contract negotiations with Axway or when you complete an online subscription enrollment. Your subscription specifies your entitlements, fees and quotas for usage per billing cycle.

If you are a SaaS customer or Axway manages certain products or versions for you under subscriptions, usage reporting is automatic and managed by Axway. If you manage a product on-premises under a subscription, use this guide to deploy and configure an agent that sends usage data for the product to the platform or enter the data manually in the platform.

  What's a connected product?

A connected product is one that a customer manages on premise or that Axway manages on behalf of a customer.

Service subscriptions versus perpetual licenses

There is a difference between subscribing to services and operating a product under a perpetual license. Subscriptions are ongoing, and customers pay on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.  In contrast, users pay a one-time charge for a perpetual license. Additionally, the perpetual-license customer usually pays an annual maintenance fee to support upgrades and technical support. For subscriptions, technical support and upgrades are built into the fees.

Supported products and services for subscriptions

Usage is reported to the Amplify Platform automatically or manually (see Reporting usage).

  • For SaaS subscriptions, usage reporting occurs automatically. 
  • For connected products that support the Amplify Edge Agent, reporting is automatic by default and is the recommended best practice. However, you can generate usage reports locally and upload report files manually to the platform. You must install and configure the Amplify Edge Agent and enable automatic or manual reporting. See Deploy the agent and Reporting usage.
  • For connected products that do not support the Amplify Edge Agent, your organization administrator must manually add your subscription usage data in the Amplify Platform. See Manual entry reporting.

Connected products are managed by you on-premises or by Axway on your behalf. The following products and services support subscription usage reporting. Use automatic reporting for products and services where it is supported, which is the recommended best practice. Alternatively, you can generate and upload a report manually for some products and versions. But, you must use manual data entry reporting for products and services when automatic reporting is not supported. 

Supported product or service Type Automatic Reporting Automatic Reporting
(Edge Agent)
Manual Upload
(Edge Agent)
Manual Entry
(via the Platform)
AI Suite Connected

Amplify Runtime Services Saas (tick)

API Manager 7.7 and later deployed in container mode Connected
(tick) (tick)
API Manager 7.6 and earlier deployed in container mode Connected

Application Development SaaS (tick)

Application Integration SaaS (tick)

Automator Connected

B2Bi 2.6 and later Connected
(tick) (tick)
CSOS Connected

E-Invoicing Service Saas (tick)

Mobile Backend Services SaaS (tick)

PEPPOL Service Saas (tick)

SecureTransport 5.4 and later Connected
(tick) (tick)
SecureTransport 5.3 and earlier Connected

Track and Trace Connected

Transfer CFT 3.5 and later Connected
(tick) (tick)
Transfer CFT 3.4 and earlier Connected

TSIM Connected


About environments

Environments represent:

  • The environment for your on-premises product deployed on your system or the environment deployed on networks managed on your behalf by Axway.
  • The cloud SaaS environment managed on your behalf by Axway.

Your on-premises managed or cloud environment is presented on the Amplify Platform as a way to measure usages of products and services.

Usage reporting

Usage is measured only for production environments, but there can be exceptions. See your subscription contract for precise definitions for usages by environment, measured metrics and entitlement thresholds.

Raw usage data are not included in usage reports. Reports only contain aggregated data related to specific metrics being measured. For example, number of API calls, connections between services, and messages consumed and produced.

Subscription overages

Your subscription entitles you to use specified quotas of services within a billing period. Overages sometimes occur. If an overage occurs, Axway determines whether an overage is a one-time occurrence or requires an entitlement adjustment, which may affect billing. There are no automatic billings for overages and no service impacts when exceeding entitlements under most subscriptions.

Data security

Usage data are encrypted when transmitted and stored. The data does not contain any personal information. Data storage complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). No data is shared with third parties. See Axway privacy compliance program and Axway privacy statement.

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