Usage reporting prerequisites

Review the prerequisites and helpful tips for usage reporting. 


The following prerequisites must be met.

  • Ensure an environment exists or create an environment for your organization on the Amplify platform. 
  • Have operational knowledge of the tools used with the agent:
    • Docker for deploying the agent
    • (If applicable) Filebeat for configuring the connection between the connected product and the agent over the Lumberjack protocol. 
  • Install Docker Community Edition (CE) 18.06.0 or later. The Compose file version used is 3.7. Review the compatibility matrix. Use the following command to check your version Docker version: docker -v. 
  • See the documentation for your on-premises product to determine whether you must use the Lumberjack protocol with a tool such as Filebeat or the Queueless Transport (QLT) protocol for sending usage events to the agent. QLT is a synchronous Axway proprietary protocol that operates over TCP/IP. 

Helpful Tips

Review the following helpful tips about usage reporting.

  • Products can be installed before or after setting up the infrastructure for usage reporting.  
  • It is recommended that you setup the Edge Agent prior to the product installation. If you install the product prior to the completion of your usage reporting components, you might not be able to provide all the necessary parameters during the product installation. Although, it is always possible to activate usage reporting at a later stage. Follow the product specific guidelines. 
  • You can upgrade from an older version of the product (not supporting usage reporting) without completing the usage reporting and set these up later. Follow the product specific guidelines. 
  • Usage reporting can be automatic or manual. Our recommendation is to set up automatically transmitting usage reports to the platform. If that is not possible, certain products support manually uploading or manually entering usage data. 

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