Understand the configuration

The following components need to be configured to activate usage reporting:

  • The Amplify Platform
  • The Amplify Edge Agent, Traceability Agent, or native interface
  • Your product


The Amplify Platform

The platform receives aggregated usage reports from the various products and stores the usage details. Customers can log in to the platform and see their usage and entitlement details. 

Information exchanged between these components is secure at all times using keys and certificates. See Security settings for details.

Edge Agent, Traceability Agent, or native interface

The Edge Agent collects usage events from your products, aggregates the data, and generates a usage report. The Traceability Agent counts all API calls going through the gateway, aggregates the data, and generates a usage report. The usage report is uploaded automatically to the Amplify Platform, under the recommended best practice. Alternatively, users of some products can generate reports manually to upload them to the platform, or manually enter usage data in the platform.  

For products that use their native interface to report subscription usage, refer to their documentation for details.


Each product has unique usage tracking events. The product documentation includes the details about the data that is being metered. If the usages tracking option is enabled for a product, it will leverage a Filebeat agent that is installed along with the product. Filebeat monitors specific log files, collects log events related to message processing, and forwards these events to the Edge Agent.

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