Review subscriptions and usages on the platform

This topic has steps about accessing and reviewing your subscriptions and usage data on the Amplify Platform.

Log on to the platform

You must be logged on to the Amplify Platform to complete any actions, including reviewing your subscriptions, entitlements and usage data. See the Amplify Platform Management guide for details on signing in to your account.

All procedures in this topic assume you are logged on to the platform.

Review your subscriptions

Use this procedure to review subscriptions and entitlements information for an organization.

Select <Your Name> | Organization at top right. The Organization page is displayed.

Once the organization information is displayed, you can:

  • Review the active, inactive, pending or terminated subscriptions.
  • Click a plan name or the expand icon to reveal more details.

Review your usage

Use this procedure to access, filter and review data about your entitlement usage.

  1. Select <Your name> | Organization at the top right. The Organization page is displayed.
  2. Click the Usage tab in the left navigation.
  3. Select whether to review data for all products or specific products.
  4. Select the period for the usage data you want to review.

Usage data is displayed by category, as described in the following table. Only some categories might apply to you.

Category Description
Axway Managed Entitlements Axway manages for you.
Customer Managed Entitlements your organization manages in an on-premises product.
Cloud SaaS usages.

Once the usage information is displayed, you can:

  • Review by entitlement the usage for the specified period compared to the usage maximum permitted in the subscription.
  • Identify any usage overages that might result in additional service charges.
  • Click the information icon next to an entitlement name to review help about the entitlement.

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