The following are terms and descriptions related to subscription usage and reporting.

Term Description
Aggregated usage data Additive and accumulative transformations that are applied to an input stream of data. Aggregated data are uploaded to the Amplify Platform, where you can review your subscription usages on dashboards.
Connected product A connected product is one that a customer manages on premises or that Axway manages on behalf of a customer.
Entitlement The authorized usage levels for the services you have subscribed to.

Environments represent:

  • The environment for your on-premises product deployed on your system or the environment deployed on systems managed on your behalf by Axway.
  • The cloud SaaS environment managed on your behalf by Axway.

On the Amplify Platform, your environment, whether on-premises, managed or cloud, is represented as a way to measure usages of products and services.

Filebeat A lightweight shipper for forwarding and centralizing log data.
Lumberjack Lumberjack is a library which connects the Python logging framework to an Elasticsearch backend.
Queueless Transport (QLT) QLT is a synchronous Axway proprietary protocol that operates over TCP/IP.
Subscription A financial agreement between a provider and customer for a customer to use software as a service.
Usage reports Aggregated data about your entitlement usage.

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