Enable MFT

There are different methods to enable MFT to report usage through the Edge Agent:

  • With the Edge Agent only
  • With the Edge Agent and monitoring with Sentinel

Follow the instructions in this topic and see the user documentation for your product for details.

Usage tracking with Edge Agent

When tracking usage with the Edge Agent only, SecureTransport sends the usage events to the Edge Agent. Follow these steps to enable usage tracking. 

  1. From Setup - Axway Sentinel/DI, configure reporting to Edge Agent by following the steps 1-9 as described in Configure SecureTransport to send events to Axway Sentinel.

    You must use the connection details for Edge Agent and not for Sentinel. 

  2. Test and save the configuration. 
  3. From Operations - Server Configuration
    1. Set StatisticsSummary.AutoReportAdditionalInfo to true. This is needed to periodically generate a Sentinel event with usage information on the SecureTransport instance. 
    2. Set Ssh.AxwayVendorExtensions.enabled to true. This is needed if SecureTransport communicates with Transfer CFT over the SFTP protocol.

      You must restart the SSH service on each Server and Edge instance for this change to take effect.

  4. Restart the Transaction Manager to apply the configuration. 

Usage tracking with Edge Agent and monitoring with Sentinel

When tracking usage with the Edge Agent and monitoring with Sentinel, SecureTransport uses the Event Router to send notifications to the Edge Agent and Sentinel. Make sure you have Sentinel and Event Router installed. For more information, refer to the latest Sentinel Event Router User Guide

Follow the steps to configure Sentinel and the Event Router to enable usage tracking. 

Configure Sentinel

Complete the steps in the Usage tracking with Edge agent above, except in step 1, you must use the Event Router connection details.

Configure the Event Router

You must configure the Event Router to send usage tracking messages to the Edge Agent and monitoring messages to Sentinel. In the following configuration steps, XFBTransferandCycleLinkare sent to the Edge Agent and Sentinel. However, XFBSTInfo and XFBCFTInfoare only sent to the Edge Agent. 

The default target is called SENTINEL in the steps below.

  1. Edit the Event Router configuration file to route the usage information to Sentinel (SENTINEL) and the Edge Agent (EDGEAGENT). 
  2. Add the Edge Agent as a new target. 
  3. Define a route to send the XFBTransfer Tracked Object to the Edge Agent. 
  4. Define a route to send the CYCLELINK to the Edge Agent. 
  5. Define a route to send the XFBSTInfo only to the Edge Agent. 
  6. If you are also implementing Transfer CFT, define a route to send the XFBCFTInfo only to the Edge Agent. 

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