Automatic usage reporting

Automatic reporting occurs when the agent collects data continuously from your on-premises product and uploads usage reports at intervals to the platform.

The prerequisites for automatic reporting are:

Write the CLI command

Use the following information to write a command-line interface (CLI) command for enabling automated reporting.

The command has the following structure:

axway edge-agent autoReport <auth_clientId> <auth_privateKey_path.pem> <organizationId> <userId> --configurationName=<report_configuration_file_name>


CLI argument Description Example value
auth_clientId Specified in the service account JSON file that you obtained after a Service Account for your organization in the platform. See Configure the platform. DOSA_91496542831a4f784a7060d018f027f9
auth_privateKey_path.pem Full path to the private key that was created during Service Account configuration. See Configure the platform. /root/private_key.pem
organizationId The Org ID for your organization on the Amplify Platform. de6cbdc3-b737-488d-c7s9-136ede074ab9
userId The same value as organizationId. de6cbdc3-b737-488d-c7s9-136ede074ab9
report_configuration_file_name Name of the report configuration file that is stored in the agent at /opt/edge_agent/conf/agent/report. This is only required if you defined more than one report configuration file. MFT.json

The following is an example of a complete CLI command with argument values.

axway edge-agent autoReport DOSA_91496542831a4f784a7060d018f027f9 /root/private_key.pem de6cbdc3-b737-488d-c7s9-136ede074ab9 de6cbdc3-b737-488d-c7s9-136ede074ab9 --configurationName=MFT.json

Enable automated reporting

Use a scheduler like cron to execute your command daily, seven days a week.

The following is an example of a cron job.

* 0 * * * /opt/edge_agent/amplify-edge-agent-cli autoReport DOSA_91496542831a4f784a7060d018f027f9 /root/private_key.pem de6cbdc3-b737-488d-c7s9-136ede074ab9 194d77cf-9d33-4eff-9def-dd889b5c221a --configurationName=MFT.json 

You also must create an environment in your organization on the platform and add the environment ID to your report configuration file. See Configure the platform.


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