About this guide

This guide describes the process and steps to generate, upload, or manually enter data that monitors and measures usage of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and products you use under Axway subscriptions. 

Usage data is:

  • Uploaded automatically for SaaS products and products for which the Edge Agent or Traceability Agent is configured for automatic reporting.
  • Generated and uploaded or entered manually in the Amplify Platform for some products. 
  • Reviewed in the Amplify Platform.

Who should use this guide

This guide is for:

  • Information technology administrators who are responsible for setting up usage tracking under your organization's subscriptions for Axway products and services. You should have an operational understanding of your organization's subscribed products and services.
  • Administrators or business users who monitor usage under your organization's subscriptions for Axway products and services.
  • People in your organization who are responsible for procurement of cloud or IT resources or services.

How to use this guide

If you are a SaaS customer, a business user or Axway manages products for you, you probably only need to review these topics: 

If you are a technical user or an administrator, you should review the entire guide.

In addition, you might have to review user documentation for your product and version. Find product documentation on the Axway documentation portal

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