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API Management documentation

AMPLIFY Central documentation

Learn how to manage and secure your APIs in AMPLIFY Central, how to integrate AMPLIFY Central in your existing DevOps infrastructure, and how to take advantage of the mesh governance capability of AMPLIFY Central to centrally manage APIs and microservices across multiple cloud and on-premise environments.

API lifecycle video series

Watch this series of short videos to learn how to design a custom API and import it into AMPLIFY Central. You will also learn how to add security to your API and how to share it with your consumers using AMPLIFY Catalog.

Try AMPLIFY Central for free

To get full, free access to AMPLIFY Central for a trial period, go to AMPLIFY platform and sign up for a free trial.

AMPLIFY Central overview

Deploy and secure your services in any environment (for example, cloud, on-premise, and so on) and govern your APIs through a central platform that allows you to integrate your services safely and easily with both internal and external consumers.

AMPLIFY Central concepts

Learn the fundamental concepts you will encounter in AMPLIFY Central.

Get started with AMPLIFY Central

Learn how to register your first API in AMPLIFY Central.

Secure an API with JWT

Learn how to secure your API using a JWT token.

Secure an API with OAuth

API proxies can be secured with a client authentication policy. Learn how to set up an OAuth front-end security policy on an API proxy.

Back-end TLS authentication

Learn how to configure TLS for requests to your back-end API.

Rate limit an API

Learn how to apply a rate limit configuration to your API.

Configure back-end authentication for an API

Learn how to configure back-end authentication for an API.

Get started with AMPLIFY CLI

Learn how to install AMPLIFY CLI and authorize your DevOps service to use the AMPLIFY Central DevOps APIs by way of AMPLIFY CLI.

Manage an API proxy using AMPLIFY CLI

Learn how your DevOps service can use AMPLIFY CLI to manage your API proxies.

Manage an environment using AMPLIFY CLI

Learn how your DevOps service can use AMPLIFY CLI to manage your environments.

AMPLIFY Central mesh governance overview

Understand what mesh governance is, what a hybrid environment is, and how you can manage the APIs and microservices in a hybrid environment from AMPLIFY Central.

Build your hybrid environment

Learn how to build a basic Amazon EC2 private cloud hybrid environment and add the required tools to enable you to access and manage it remotely from a client system.

Add your hybrid environment to AMPLIFY Central

Learn how to add your private cloud hybrid environment to AMPLIFY Central, so that you can manage your microservices, and any related APIs they expose.

Configure a CFT Profile

Learn how to configure a CFT (Cross File Transfer) profile in AMPLIFY Central.

AMPLIFY Unified Catalog

Normalize discovery for APIs from multiple gateways, classify your services to support multiple audiences (partners, IT, business), control consumer subscription to access your APIs, and extend your APIs to be reused in other integration flows.

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