Create a flow and transfer a file

Let's begin by creating a simple flow, and then exchange a file. In this example, Store_66 sends a daily SALES_report to the MainOffice.

Simplified diagram of a Source Transfer CFT sending a file to a Target

In Central Governance

  1. Define a flow.
    • Select Flows > Add flow. l
    • Create a flow named Simple_flow and give it the identifier flow01 .
    • Define Store_66 as the Source and the MainOffice as the Target. You can leave all other fields set to the default values.
  2. Click Deploy to save and deploy. Details

In Transfer CFT

  1. Add a file to exchange. Put a test file, for example SALES_report, in the Store_66 Transfer CFT runtime/pub folder.
  2. From the source Transfer CFT, run the SEND command.
    • Remember to replace <instance_target> with your Transfer CFT for the MainOffice target.
    • The flow Identifier field is equivalent to the Transfer CFT IDF parameter.

CFTUTIL SEND part=<instance_target>, idf=flow01, fname=pub/SALES_report

Tip   Existing Transfer CFT users may want to refer to the Transfer CFT to Central Governance parameter mapping available in the Appendix A: Transfer CFT configuration in Central Governance and CFTUTIL section of the Central Governance User Guide available on the support site or in the Central Governance UI

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