Add applications to use in flows

When you are working in Central Governance you create applications. So before you can create your first flow, you must create at least two applications to use in your flows.

In this section you create three applications in Central Governance to represent the MainOffice, Store_66, and Store_89.

View the registered Transfer CFTs in Central Governance

In Central Governance

Select Products on the top toolbar to open the Product List page.

Copy the host name for each of the three Transfer CFTs that you will use in these exercises, for example copy them into a table as shown here.

Transfer CFT  Host Application name
Transfer CFT 1 < hostname 1> MainOffice
Transfer CFT 2 < hostname 2> Store_66
Transfer CFT 1 < hostname 3> Store_89

Add an application

In Central Governance

  1. Select Applications on the top toolbar.
  2. Click Add application, and complete the Name and Host name fields using the values that you copied from the Products page. You can leave other values set to the default.
  3. Click Save application.

Results: Your Application List page should resemble the following diagram.

Application list in Central Governance showing 3 example applications to use in flows

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