FTP replacement overview

FTP implementations have historically provided businesses with an inexpensive and easy method for transferring files. But as the number, size, and types of exchanged files expands most businesses find that FTP no longer meets their more complex business requirements. Additionally, Transfer CFT when implemented as part of an Axway MFT solution, provides the following features:

  • Guaranteed delivery with file integrity checking, automatic transfer restarts, and checkpoint restarts
  • Broadcasting
  • Flexible end-to-end acknowledgement and routing
  • Parallel transfers
  • Transfer prioritization
  • ASCII-to-EBCDIC translation
  • SSL security
  • Configurable ports
  • Logical file name usage
  • Meta data included with the payload
  • Web services API
  • Transfer hub capabilities enabling intermediate transfers
  • Bandwidth control and file transfer acceleration options

Axway Central Governance provides a dynamic data flow repository for defining and managing end-to-end flow definitions — from business-application level to infrastructure level, and is the management platform for Transfer CFT. Central Governance offers services as described in Governance services.

When connecting through FTP you must provide both login/password, which then connects you to your working directory. The equivalent features Working dir and Password management in Transfer CFT allow you to work as if you are using FTP, but with the added benefits and services provided by Transfer CFT. This section describes how to use these two key features.

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