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Product updates and enhancements


  • [CORE] Added ability to use the hexadecimal representation in FPAD and NPAD. Details and Details
  • [CORE] Added post-transfer file renaming option. SP1 Details
  • [z/OS] Added support for cft.server.exec_as_user. SP1 Details
  • [SSL] Added UCONF parameters sentinel.xfb.use_ssl and sentinel.xfb.ca_cert_id to secure a connection between Transfer CFT and the Sentinel server. Details
  • [SSL] Added support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 Details, and additional cipher suites. Details
  • [SSL] Added support for Perfect Forward Secrecy. Details
  • [EXIT] Added PKI exit functionality and sample for UNIX platforms.
  • [CORE] Added log output for rotation (backup) files when using LISTLOG. Details
  • [CORE] Added new SERIALIZED parameter to filter the displayed transfer records. Details
  • [CORE] Documented symbolic variable used to reconstitute a filename on reception. Details
  • [CORE] Added CFTUTIL autocomplete command feature for UNIX/Windows. Details
  • [CORE] Added previous/next command feature for UNIX/Windows. Details
  • [CORE] Delivered a spool out sample. Details
  • [IBM i] Process outputs (QPRINTS) are redirected to the following files in the production library: the CFTOUT file for Transfer CFT, and the COPOUT file for COPILOT. Details
  • [IBM i] Process joblogs (QPJOBLOG) are redirected to the following files in the production library: JLOG and JLOG2 files for Transfer CFT, and the COPJLOG and COPJLOG2 files for Copilot. Details
  • [CORE] Added support for the pre, post, and ack processing states to the Transfer JPI. Details
  • [CORE] Added new parameters SY and RY, and UCONF parameters cft.purge.sy and cft.purge.ry, to automatically purge transfers in the Y (post-processing phase) state. Details
  • [CORE] Added a new parameter SERIAL for the SEND/RECV commands. Details
  • [IBM i] Added the CFTSUPPORT command. Details
  • [CORE] Added new parameters WPHASESTEPS and WPHASE for the SEND/RECV commands.
  • [CORE] Added a new parameter FILENOTFOUND for the SEND and RECV commands. Details
  • [UNIX] Added the RENAME option to the FACTION parameter, which replaces the existing FNAME file after the transfer completes with the WFNAME. Details
  • [CORE] Dynamically add, remove, enable, or disable a logical folder to monitor in the Transfer CFT runtime. Details
  • [GUI] Replaced the Copilot UI applet with a Java Web Start technology UI due to discontinued support for Java applets by web-browsers.
  • [CORE] PKI exits available on all platforms.
  • Added a reusable deployment package feature (new JCLs) for installing or applying Service Packs/patches to Transfer CFT in a z/OS environment. Details provided in the Transfer CFT z/OS Installation and Operations Guide

Transfer CFT 3.1.3

  • [CORE] Added a new UCONF parameter cg.configuration_policy. SP4 Details
  • [CORE] Support for the NCHARSET and FCHARSET "//IGNORE" functionality on all platforms. SP4 Details
  • [CORE] Added a UCONF parameter copilot.misc.server_inactivity_timeout for the server to manage client inactivity. SP3 Details
  • [CORE] Added a UCONF parameter pesit.parameters.enable_encoding to define if PeSIT parameters should be encoded in UTF-8. UNIX/Windows SP1 Details
  • [CORE] Added charset encoding support for messages being sent to the Sentinel server using the UCONF sentinel.trkmsgencoding parameter. SP1 Details
  • [CORE] When using the folder monitoring feature, improved the file name filtering by adding a new UCONF parameter folder_monitoring.folders.<logical_name>.filter_type. SP1 Details
  • [CORE] Added policy support for EXECE. Details
  • [CORE] Use a shared disk as the data transfer medium. Details
  • [CG] Certificate renewal. Details
  • [CG] SP and patch deployment via Central Governance. Unix/Windows only Details
  • [CG] Central Governance support for additional platforms z/OS and IBM i. Details
  • [CORE] Added internal log rotation procedure. Details
  • [CORE] A new command PKIENTITY enables you enlarge the list of certificate authority IDs for each security configuration. Details
  • [CORE] Added a UCONF parameter to improve the file layer service reliability: cft.server.transfer.raise_error_when_exec_not_found.   Details
  • [SSL] Added parameter to disable SSL 3.0. Details
  • [CORE] Added the keyword _NONE_ to disable the execution of certain general configuration procedures. Details
  • [CORE] Added a new FTYPE = J to support large records for text files. Details
  • [IBM i] IASP support. Refer to the Transfer CFT 3.1.3 Installation and Operations Guide
  • [z/OS] Folder monitoring, Secure Relay, working directory on z/OS systems. For feature details see 3.1.2 SP1
  • [IBM i] Folder monitoring, Secure Relay, working directory on IBM i systems. For feature details see 3.1.2 SP1

Transfer CFT 3.1.2

  • [CORE] Added Express Package functionality to generate pre-configured Transfer CFT installation packages. SP1 Details
  • [CORE] Added working directory parameter. SP1 Details
  • [CORE] Added keyword &HOME. SP1 Details
  • [WINDOWS] Homogeneous mode now keeps the directory tree structure as in UNIX. SP1
  • [CORE] Axway Central Governance integration. Details
  • [CORE] Enabled folder monitoring. Details
  • [SSL] Axway Secure Relay integration. Details
  • [COMS] Synchronous Communication Media in multi-node architecture. Details
  • [NET] Support for pTCP in a multi-node architecture. Backported 3.0.1 SP2 Details
  • [AM] Axway PassPort AM local cache. Details
  • [GOVERNANCE] Improved event generation. Details
  • [GOVERNANCE] Send NIDF instead of COMMUT to Axway Sentinel. Details
  • [CORE] Added EXECRALL post-processing parameter to the receive command. Backported 3.0.1 SP4 and 2.7.1 SP8. Details
  • [CORE] Added requester mode transfer parameter maxduration as a transfer timer. Details
  • [CORE] Encrypt all passwords, previously some passwords were stored in clear.
  • [CORE] Added PROT parameter to SEND/RECV. Details
  • [CORE] Enable SEND or RECV with no IDF. Details
  • [CORE] Enable/disable the use of a default file identifier. Details
  • [CORE] Added auto-expand catalog option. UCONF, Details
  • [CORE] Filter Transfer CFT logs by absolute timestamp datetimemin and datetimemax. Details
  • [CORE] Web Services upload files feature. Details

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