Import keys and certificates

You can use the import feature to convert your OpenPGP certificates and private keys or a trading partner's certificates to the X.509/PKCS#12 format.

You can convert:

  • PGP Public Keyrings to X.509 Certificates
  • PGP Secret Keyrings to PKCS#12 packages

To import a key or certificate:

  1. On the Keys/Certificates window, click the Import/Export tab.
  2. Enter a new entity name or select one from the Entity Name drop-down list.
  3. Click Browse to select the file that contains the certificate or key. Closed View supported file formats
    Format Description


    PGP Public Keyring (public key)


    PGP Secret Keyring (private key)


    asci encoded PGP file (can contain both public and private keys)


    PFX (Personal inFormation eXchange) file containing one private key and the corresponding X.509 certificate or certificate chain.


    binary encoded X509 certificate file


    binary encoded X509 certificate file, sometimes sequence of certificates


    Base64 encoded certificate file


    The extension of a file containing one or more (typically a chain of) X.509 certificates. Microsoft is the only known entity that uses this extension, all others use .p7c.


    The extension of a file containing one or more (typically a chain of) X.509 certificates.


  4. If required, enter the password for your private key and click Next.
    If you are importing a partner's certificate, no password is required.
  5. Enter the Distinguished Name (the certificate owner's identifying information) and click Import. Closed View field descriptions
    Field The certificate owner's...

    Name (Mandatory)



    Postal address city

    Country (Mandatory)

    Postal address country

    You can only enter up to two characters (for example, FR for France).


    Postal address province

    Org (Mandatory)

    Company name

    Org Unit (Mandatory)

    Department name in the company

    Email (Mandatory)

    Email address


Under System message one of the following messages display:

  • If successful: Key imported to file path
  • If unsuccessful: Importing file failed because reason

Note: If you have multiple keys on a PGP Keyring, you must select which key you want to use. The entity name you enter applies to the generated certificate.

After importing, TrustedFile displays a window listing the generated certificates.

In the Entity Name field, enter a name for each certificate and click Save.

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