Export keys and certificates

TrustedFile automatically generates keys and certificates in the X.509 standard. You can export a key or certificate in the following standards:

  • PGP Public Keyring (.asc format)
  • PGP Secret Keyring and Public Keyring (.asc format)
  • X.509 Certificate (.der format)

To export a key or certificate:

  1. On the Keys/Certificates window, click the Import/Export tab.
  2. Click Export Keys .
  3. Under Existing Keys/Certificates , select the key or certificate to export and click Export Key/Cert.
  4. From the Export as drop-down list, select the key or certificate standard.
  5. Click Browse to select the exported file location.
  6. Enter the password for the file and click Export.
    This password is used to open the file.

Under System message one of the following messages display:

  • If successful: Key exported to file path
  • If unsuccessful: Exporting file failed because reason

TrustedFile exports keys and certificates with the following file names.

Key/certificate standard Exported file name

PGP Public Keyring


PGP Secret Keyring and Public Keyring

useridpacket_sec.asc and useridpacket_pub.asc

X.509 Certificate

certificate alias. der


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