Synchronous communication services

This topic describes Transfer CFT synchronous communication services.

Description of functions




Set the communication medium


Retrieve information concerning the last transfer made from a synchronous request after a request of the following types: SEND, RECV, HALT, KEEP, START, RESUME, DELETE, END, SUBMIT, SWITCH, PURGE.

The information is stored in a cftApiInf-type structure:

  • Transfer state
  • Diagnostic
  • Diagnostic protocol
  • Value of the PART field of CFTPARM
  • Transfer identifier (IDT)
  • Local transfer identifier (IDTU)
  • Transfer type (single, cyclical, diffusion list, collection, file group)
  • Public reference of the transfer (only for a single transfer in Send)

The GETXINFO action returns an error if the communication medium is not synchronous.

Note The public reference of the transfer is a character string of variable length. In the PESIT protocol, it contains 'pi13.pi3.pi4.pi11.pi12.pi61.pi62'.

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