Create authorization lists

About the CFTAUTH object

CFTAUTH object is a list of authorized file identifiers that defines user access authorization for each partner. Either a send list or a receive list can be associated with each partner.

The list of partners can be described in one of the following two ways:

  • Using a list type parameter idf
  • Using a file where this list is saved, the fname parameter

These two methods are mutually exclusive. The IDF and FNAME parameters cannot be used simultaneously.

You can define the list of file identifiers, IDF, which is subject to the same transfer authorizations or restrictions.

The following can be associated with each partner:

  • Send list
  • Receive list

The identifier of the send list is defined by the value of the SAUTH parameter of CFTPART.

The identifier of the receive list is defined by the value of the RAUTH parameter of CFTPART.

Central Governance

Central Governance interoperability

CG can manage, but you cannot create a new CFTAUTH object via the Central Governance interface. Use Transfer CFT if you require new authorization list objects.


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