CFTUTIL predefined variables

A number of variables are predefined in CFTUTIL for the catalog fields. These variables can be used in all of the batch programming commands.

Each variable begins with the underscore character _. For example, to display the IDTU value of a transfer, specify:

PRINT MSG='Transfer IDTU value: %_CAT_IDTU%'
Variable Description
_CAT_CFTV Catalog version.
_CAT_COMMENT Comment associated with the IDF.
_CAT_DATEB Transfer start date.
_CAT_DATEC IDF cycledate value.
_CAT_DATED Transfer filing date.
_CAT_DATED End of transfer date.
_CAT_DATEK Date of last writing.
_CAT_DATEM Value of the IDF MINDATE parameter.
_CAT_DATEMAX Value of the IDF MAXDATE parameter.
_CAT_DEST CFTDEST command identifier.
_CAT_DIAGC Additional diagnostic value.
_CAT_DIAGI Internal diagnostic value.

Diagnostic protocol value.


Broadcast type:

  • L for broadcasting to multiple partners.
  • N for sending to a single partner.
_CAT_DIRECT Transfer direction.
_CAT_EXEC IDF procedure name.
_CAT_FACTION FACTION parameter value.
_CAT_FCOMP FCOMP parameter value.
_CAT_FDISP FDISP parameter value.

File type:

  • L for file list.
  • N for normal file.
_CAT_FLAG Indicates if the transfer mode is REQUESTER or SERVER.
_CAT_FNAME Name of file to be transferred.
_CAT_FTNAME Temporary file name.
_CAT_GROUP Name of the group initiating the request.
_CAT_GROUPID Name of the group that the transfer owner belongs to.
_CAT_IDA Application identifier.
_CAT_IDEXIT CFTEXIT command file type identifier.
_CAT_IDEXITA CFTEXIT command directory type identifier.
_CAT_IDEXITE CFTEXIT command ETEBAC3 type identifier.
_CAT_IDF Identifier associated with the IDF.
_CAT_IDR IDR value.
_CAT_IDTD IDT value.
_CAT_IPART Channel partner value.
_CAT_JOBNAME Name of the task for which the transfer was created.
_CAT_NCOMP Network compression value.
_CAT_NFNAME Network filename.
_CAT_NIDF Network IDF value.
_CAT_NPART Connection partner value.
_CAT_ORIGIN Origin of owner of the transfer.
_CAT_PARM PARM parameter value.
_CAT_PIDF The previous value of the file ID.
_CAT_PRI Transfer priority.
_CAT_PROT Associated CFTPROT identifier.
_CAT_RAPPL RAPPL parameter value.
_CAT_RELANCE Indicates if there was a restart or not.
_CAT_REQGROUP Value of the initiator group for the command.
_CAT_REQUSER Value of the user initiating the command.
_CAT_RPART File receiving partner.
_CAT_RUSER RUSER parameter value.
_CAT_SAPPL SAPPL parameter value.
_CAT_SPART SPART parameter value.
_CAT_STATE State of the local transfer.
_CAT_STATED State of the remote transfer.
_CAT_SUSER SUSER parameter value.
_CAT_TCYCLE TCYCLE parameter value.
_CAT_TIMEB Transfer start time.
_CAT_TIMEC TCYCLE parameter value.
_CAT_TIMED Creation time of the transfer.
_CAT_TIMEE Transfer end time.
_CAT_TIMEK Time of last writing.
_CAT_TIMEM MINTIME parameter value.
_CAT_TIMEMAX MAXTIME parameter value.
_CAT_TIMMAXC Maximum time for a call.
_CAT_TIMMC Minimum time for a call.
_CAT_TYP Transfer type.
_CAT_USERID Transfer owner.
_CAT_XLATE Associated CFTXLATE identifier card.
_CAT_FDBNAME VFM name used for transfer.

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