[WAITTASK = {1441 | n }]     {1...1441}

The inactivity time, in minutes, of the file access task:

  • 1: minimum authorized
  • 1441: default value, which makes the task permanent
  • any other value from 1 to 1441, above this value, the task is shut down

MVS: The recommended value is waittask=1. Unused tasks are then eliminated as quickly as possible.

Windows: The recommended value is 1441.


[WAITTASK = { 1441 | n}]    {1..1441}

Inactivity time (in minutes) of the EXIT task. Beyond this value, this task is deactivated, i.e. unloaded from the memory.

The task is permanent if this value is equal to 1441. This task is permanent if its value is equal to 1441.

This parameter only applies to file EXIT tasks.


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