[ KEY = { string 80 } ]

The Transfer CFT user key. You can enter up to 80 characters.

The key value can be either:

  • DATE: limits the use of the software to a given period
  • PERM: no period limitation

Enter the name of the indirection file (preceded by the <file-symb> character specific to each system) that contains the set of keys associated with the Transfer CFT. The post-installation default values are:

  • Unix: @conf/cft.key
  • Windows: #conf/cft.key

The key is associated with the contractual conditions for using the software. It is specific to the product host operating system, and the hostname or the CPU id of the machine.

The key also limits the following for a Transfer CFT:

  • Maximum number of simultaneous transfers (MAXTRANS parameter limit)
  • Maximum inbound/outbound bandwidth value
  • Maximum inbound/outbound transfer activation value

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