Transfer CFT 3.2.2 User Guide

Welcome to the Transfer CFT documentation. Transfer CFT is the file transfer component in the Axway MFT platform, and provides a multi-platform, high-volume, file transfer service. This documentation explains how to install, configure, and manage Transfer CFT.

You can configure Transfer CFT and manage flows using Axway Central Governance. Central Governance simplifies Transfer CFT usage, and provides services such as identity and access management, certificate management, monitoring, alerting, and a web dashboard. For more information, visit

Users that have not yet adopted Central Governance may need information that is provided in the Transfer CFT 3.2 Local Administration User Guide.

Tip   Existing users can view the Changelog for details on new features in this version as well as previous versions.

Installation and Operation Guides

Transfer CFT Installation Guide UNIX

Transfer CFT Installation Guide z/OS

Transfer CFT Installation Guide IBM i

Transfer CFT Installation Guide Windows

For new users

About Transfer CFT

Central Governance services

About command line use

Install Transfer CFT

Basic administrative tasks

Create my first transfer flow

For existing users

Configure folder monitoring

Manage multi-node architecture

Use API services

Get more help

Additional documentation

For the latest Transfer CFT documentation and downloads, go to Axway Support at

  • Transfer CFT 3.2.2 Release Notes
  • Transfer CFT 3.2.2 Installation Guides
  • Transfer CFT 3.2.2 Notes de Diffusion

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