Manage the Copilot server

This topic describes how to start/stop and check the status of the Copilot server. You must start the Copilot after installation to trigger the registration process with Central Governance.

Type the following commands from the <Transfer CFT install directory>\runtimedirectory.

Start / stop Copilot

To start the Copilot server, run the command:


To stop the Copilot server, run the command:

Note For details on starting in your specific operating system, refer to the corresponding Transfer CFT  3.2.2 Installation Guide.

Check Copilot status

To check the Copilot status, enter:


The copstatus return code is 0 when Copilot is running, and 1 when Copilot is stopped.

Additional copstatus commands include:

copstatus [-p] [-v] [-h|--help]

-p print copsmng pid if copilot is started

-v print status message

- h|--help copstatus help

Windows menus

You can also use the Windows Start menu to start Axway software. From the Start menu, select Programs (or All Programs), Axway Software and then the product.

For example, to start the Copilot server click Start > All Programs > Axway Software > Transfer CFT > Start Transfer CFT UI Server.

OS specific tasks



COPRUN is an example of a JCL statement that starts the Transfer CFT Copilot server. The server can be started as a Start Task. The Transfer CFT Copilot server STEPLIB, and then JOBLIB should be defined as an APF. If it is not defined as an APF, no RACF check can be performed. This results in no log-on check being available and all requests are done with the user associated with the server JOB.


COPSTOP is an example of the JCL stop statement for the Transfer CFT Copilot server. You can also stop the Copilot server using the operator command pause (/P jobname) for the server-associated task.



To start the Copilot server:

  1. Access the Transfer CFT Main Menu screen. In the Main Menu enter the command cft and press Enter to open the Manager Menu.

  2. Select option 2 Start COPILOT. The Copilot server menu is displayed.

Tip   Alternatively, use the COPSTART command or STARTCOPB procedure.

Example 1


Example 2

Execute the procedure as follows.



To stop the Copilot server:

  1. Access the CFT Main menu.
  2. Select option 3 Stop COPILOT.
    Only the server waiting for a connection is stopped. Other servers that users have logged onto are shut down when the user logs off, or after a network timeout.
Tip   Alternatively, use the COPSTOP command or STOPCOPL procedure.

Example 1

Execute the command.


Example 2

Execute the procedure as follows.


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