Transfer CFT messages:  CFTE

This topic lists the CFTExx (CFT xnnx) messages and provides the type, a description, consequence, and corrective actions when applicable.

Message format

Earlier versions of Transfer CFT used a different message format than the current version 3.1.3. The error messages displayed in this document use the former, or earlier version, format. If your system uses the CFTLOG parameter Format = V24, the log display is as shown below:

CFTXXX: fixed text message <variables>



For V23: CFTT57I PART=&part IDF=&idf IDT=&idt &str transfer started

For V24: CFTT57I &str transfer started <IDTU=&idtu PART=&part IDF=&idf IDT=&idt>


CFTE09I: CFT Stop complete


Transfer CFT has been shut down (following an error or request).

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