Transfer control commands

This topic describes the transfer control commands and provides a link to more information on these commands. The transfer control commands can be used to:

  • Interrupt a transfer in process
  • Activate or reactivate a suspended or held transfer
  • Delete a transfer request
  • Submit, or resubmit, an end-of-transfer procedure where the transfer in the T state
  • Declare that the processing following a transfer is completed

The following table describes the commands associated with these actions.

Command Action


Deletes a catalog entry 


Stops a transfer and sets it to the HOLD state 


Stops a transfer and sets it to the KEEP state 


Reactivates a transfer 


Runs a preprocessing, a post-processing or an acknowledgment processing procedure according to the current phase of the transfer request.


Declares the processing subsequent to the transfer terminated 


Retrieves, in the server mode, a blocked send request having the hold status

The parameters relative to these commands determine the transfer selection criteria, catalog entries, these commands relate to.

The transfer control commands modify the state of the transfers in the Transfer CFT catalog. This state can be queried by the LISTCAT command, both before and after the control command is executed. The meaning of these states is indicated in the next topic, Transfer states .

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