About the RECV command

This command is used to request the reception of files from a designated partner.

Note When using the PeSIT protocol, you cannot create a request for messages or replies.

The RECV command is executed at the level of a receiver/requester (requester because it initiated the connection). The partner is therefore the sender/server.

The characteristics of a receive transfer request can be specified in the RECV command itself, or in the CFTRECV command, the ID of which is equal to the value of the IDF parameter .

When receiving files you can define parameters related to the following categories.

Free parameters for the Transfer CFT user, such as adding comments to the transfer:

  • Sent to the sender
  • Local parameters

Execution control parameters, such as specify the scheduling time for a transfer:

  • General
  • User
  • Schedule management
  • Data processing parameters

Parameters associated with the file received, for example the file name:

  • File management
  • Physical name
  • Physical characteristics (whole file)
  • Physical characteristics (records)

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