Using the TURN function

Changing the DMZ control status

The TURN command is used to pass the control from a outside a DMZ to a Transfer CFT in a DMZ.

You can use the TURN command to modify the DMZ call direction as follows.

  1. In the left pane object manager, double-click the Partner object. The CFTPART window is displayed in the right pane.
  2. Click to select a partner.
  3. Click the TURN transfer command icon in the right pane catalog window. Select from the following:
  4. Stop Automatic Calls: Temporarily stops automatic calls to a given site
  5. Reactivate Automatic Calls: Reactivates automatic calls following a Stop Automatic Calls command
  6. Change direction of communication: Makes a connection to change the direction of the communication

Note: The State column displays the current Partner status.

Partner change direction parameters

If you select Change direction of communication you can define the communication direction for that partner. Enter the parameters for:

  • turn: select either file or message
  • cto: minimum duration for the session

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