Managing Partner states

Displaying the CFTPART list

To list partners:

  1. Click to expand the Ongoing Configuration folder in the left pane object manager.
  2. Right click the Partner object. In the drop-down menu, select List All Objects . The CFTPART window, which lists Transfer CFT partners, is displayed in the right pane.

Changing the state of selected partner

To change the state of a selected partner:

  1. Display the CFTPART list .
  2. In the CFTPART list window, click to select the partner that you want to modify.
  3. Click the Change selected partner state icon. Choose from the following partner modes:
  4. Activation of partner in all modes
  5. Activation of partner in requester mode only
  6. Activation of partner in server mode only
  7. Deactivation of partner
  8. A confirmation dialog box is displayed. Click Yes to confirm.

If you chose to deactivate a partner, a second dialog box is displayed asking you if you want to stop transfers that are in progress. Click accordingly. The dialog box closes, and partner is deactivated.

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