PassPort server connector

Transfer CFT integrates PassPort PS (server) connectivity. This topic describes the PassPort PKI server, and its integration with Transfer CFT.


PassPort defines transport terms, document format, and protocols for exchanges. The PassPort PKI server provides the following services:

  • Identifies partners
  • Defines the communication protocol
  • Defines the security settings
  • Sets the validity period for exchanges between partners
  • Defines the format of data exchanged
  • Sets parameters for customizing PassPort objects

In order to enable the PassPort connector, use the UCONFSET command to set the following parameters:

  • CFTUTIL UCONFSET ID= pki.type, value=”passport”
  • CFTUTIL UCONFSET ID= pki.passport.hostname, value=”xxxx”
  • CFTUTIL UCONFSET ID= pki.passport.port, value=”xxxx”


  mode = [“cftcrypt”] | “cft” | “passport” | “system” | ”extern”


  host =  hostname | ip-address; Passport/PS  server hostname or address


  port =  “default-passport-port” | port; Passport/PS server port

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