About PassPort PS connections

This topic describes the parameters used for Transfer CFT to PassPort PS server connectivity, and how to optionally implement SSL, or a clear connection, for increased security.

Define an SSL connection using the graphical user interface

Define a clear connection using command line


PassPort PS defines transport terms, document format, and business protocol layers for a B2B exchange. The PassPort PKI server provides these services:

  • Identifies partners
  • Defines the communication protocol
  • Defines the security settings
  • Sets the validity period for exchanges between partners
  • Defines the format of data exchanged
  • Sets parameters for customizing PassPort objects

PassPort enables you to configure and centralize the definition of all trading partners on a server. The stored partner information enables you to use and share this information among Transfer CFTs.

Passport PS parameters

Parameter Value Description


 cft | passport | system | exit | wnt

The type indicates where you want Transfer CFT to get the PKI entity. Select PassPort.



IP address

Enter the PassPort PS server hostname or address.


port number

Enter the PassPort PS server port. The port number depending of if an SSL connection is used.

pki.passport.use_ssl yes | no (boolean) Use SSL connection towards Passport PS server:
  • Yes: Enables the SSL connection to the Passport PS server.
  • No: Do not enable.
pki.passport.ca_cert Path name (fname) Enter the path to the Certification Authority (CA) public certificate that is used to authenticate the PassPort PS server.

Define an SSL connection using the graphical user interface

From the Transfer CFT UI:

  1. Select Administration > Configuration Parameters > UCONF .
  2. In the UCONF interface click the PKI folder and define the parameters:
    • pki.type: enter the PKI type for where you want Transfer CFT to get the PKI entity
    • pki.passport.hostname: enter the Passport/PS server hostname or ip-address
    • pki.passport.port: enter the Passport/PS server SSL port number
    • pki.passport.use_ssl: yes
    • pki.passport.ca_cert: fname
  3. Click Okay to confirm and close the window.

Define a clear connection using command line

To enable the PassPort connector, in a command window enter the UCONF commands:

CFTUTIL UCONFSET ID= pki.type, value=passport
CFTUTIL UCONFSET ID= pki.passport.hostname, value=xxxx
CFTUTIL UCONFSET ID= pki.passport.port, value=xxxx

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