Communication media - CFTCOM

This topic describes how to define and list the communication media.

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List the current communication media

In the CFT Navigator toolbar, click the current CFTCOM icon. The list of COMs that are attached to the current PARM object are listed in the right pane. Note that only COMs with TYPE = file are displayed.

Access the communication media list

  1. Click to expand the Initial Configuration folder in the left pane window object manager.
  2. Double-click the Communication media object. The CFTCOM list window is displayed in the right pane. Only the associated CFTCOM(s) for the current CFTPARM are displayed.

Define a communication media

To define or edit a communication media CFTCOM:

  1. Access the CFTCOM list window.
  2. Click the Add button to access the CFTCOM window, or double-click an existing COM. The fields and components displayed in the CFTCOM window are schematically illustrated below.
  3. Complete the fields in the CFTCOM window and click OK to confirm.

By default, certain fields may be completed and grayed. If a field is gray it cannot be modified. The fields that are displayed can differ, depending on which type you select in the CFTCOM window.




List of addresses or index file when you are using the TCP/IP type.


Wait time out, in seconds, before disconnection in the absence of a new transfer when in server mode.


Enter a unique CFTCOM identifier. Respect Transfer CFT naming conventions.


Enter the name:

  • the file name
  • the mailbox name

Secured protocol

Click to select the Secured protocol option. Request/reply protocol used on TCP/IP layer.


File type. Select from:

  • File
  • MBX - Mailbox


Enter the frequency (in seconds) with which Transfer CFT scans the communication file:

  • 60 (default)
  • any other value


Level below which the alert ceases.


Batch to execute when the alert ends.


The minimum amount of time, in seconds, to wait before resending an alert.


Batch to execute when CFTCAT/TLVWARN is reached.


Catalog usage limit before issuing an alert. When this limit is reached, the CFTCAT/TLVWEXEC is executed.

Attach to the configuration

For each PARM, only the associated CFTCOM(s) is displayed for that PARM. When you modify the COM parameters you are modifying the corresponding PARM.

To attach or detach a communication media to a configuration, use the CFTCOM list window.

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