Virtual file association template

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About the CFTIDF object

A CFTIDF object defines a network identifier for a given partner, and a transfer direction, when partners cannot agree on common file identifiers.

The CFTIDF object is used to locally set up this correspondence between the local idf and the sent or received nidf.

For all protocols EXCEPT PeSIT SIT profile

If partners cannot agree on common file identifiers because of operating constraints, the network identifier, NIDF, can be used to reconcile, for a given partner and transfer direction, the local identifier (IDF) with the file identifier supplied by (or sent to) the partner.

Other ways of establishing this correspondence are indicated in the section NIDF/IDF correspondence. The default value taken by the NIDF (sent in requester mode) or by the IDF (found using the NIDF received in server mode) and assigned in the absence of this command, is indicated.

In DELETE mode, only the ID, TYPE, and PART parameters are mandatory.


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