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About the CFTCAT object

The Transfer CFT catalog displays all Transfer CFT transfers in list form. The catalog file contains control data that is associated with transfers. A record, that corresponds with a status indicator, exists for each transfer.

Each day the catalog fills with records. The catalog parameters can be defined to delete records that exceed a certain limit, or to purge the catalog at a preset time.

The catalog purge can be initiated at midnight (default value) or at a specific time. The catalog is purged in batches of ten entries. Between each batch, the CFT handles all the transfer events pending. As a result, if the transfer activity is intense, the catalog purge may be extended but does not disrupt transfers.

Catalog functions include a method to recover information about the CFT that is using the catalog.

For each PARM, there is one associated CFTCAT.

Catalog functions also include a method to recover information about the monitor that is using the catalog.

Catalog levels

Catalog levels enable Transfer CFT to issue alerts when a critical fill threshold, the TLVWARN parameter Threshold Limit Value Warning, for the catalog file is reached. This alert triggers:

  • Sending a message to the LOG and to Sentinel
  • Executing a batch to react to the alert (TLVWEXEC parameter)

Once an alert is issued, these two actions are repeated each time a Catalog event occurs, but not more than once every TLVWRATE seconds. This alert ends when the fill level drops below the TLVCLEAR level.


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