Transfer CFT objects

The graphical user interface monitors and administers Transfer CFT objects, which are descriptions of real items involved in transfers. The GUI displays those items as an icon followed by the object command. These icons are listed and defined in the section Transfer CFT Icons. This topic is comprised of the following sections:

Transfer CFT object folders

You can manage Transfer CFT objects in the left pane work area. Think of the folders, in the tree structure, as containers for the Transfer CFT objects. These folders are similar to standard Windows folders or directories, and provide a work space for storing and defining objects. You can group objects together, for example all the objects related to a CFT functionality, using these independent folders. For example, all Initial local configuration objects are listed together.

Each node icon name corresponds to an object, for example Network resources or Accounting file.

Object options

The objects in the left pane of the GUI screen are displayed in tree form. You can think of this left pane as an 'object manager' pane. Objects are arranged in a cascading list of available Transfer CFT objects, administrative commands, and filters,  all of which are represented as icons. These objects are stored in folders and are grouped into categories:

  • Administration
  • Configuration
  • Monitor tracking

Left click on the folder Expand marker expand sign to open the folder and list the contents.

Left double click on the icon to activate it.

In the left pane object manager, the color of an object icon indicates its status:

  • Black indicates an object that is defined
  • Orange indicates an object that is optionally and not defined
  • Red indicates an object that is mandatory but not defined

Object icon tooltips

You can place the cursor over the icon to display a short description of the icon function. All Transfer CFT objects and the corresponding icon are listed in the topic Transfer CFT objects.


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