View access management rights

You can display a users access management rights in the Transfer CFT GUI if PassPort AM installed and active. To compare access management rights in Transfer CFT, you must have the following attributes set in PassPort AM for the user:

  • Privilege resource=AM:RIGHTS: to enable access management rights
  • Action name=VIEW_SELF: to view user's rights
  • Action name=VIEW_OTHERS: to view other users' rights

From the Transfer CFT the Administration pane:

  1. Set the uconf values to:
    • CFTUTIL uconfset id=am.passport.instance_id, value=default
    • CFTUTIL uconfset id=am.passport.hostname,
    • CFTUTIL uconfset id=am.passport.port, value=6090
    • CFTUTIL uconfset id=am.passport.login, value=Username01
    • CFTUTIL uconfset id=am.passport.password, value=Username01
    • CFTUTIL uconfset id=am.type, value=passport
    • CFTUTIL uconfset id=copilot.misc.createprocessasuser,value=no
    • CFTUTIL uconfset id=am.passport.use_ssl,value=0
  2. Right-click the PassPort AM icon to open the access management display.
  3. To compare the rights between two different users, enter the names of the users in the fields at the top of the PassPort rights window, and click Show rights to display.




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