Performing batch functions

This topic describes how to create and display the batch files located on the server from the client workstation. After you access the available batch files list, you can:

  • Select a batch file from the list
  • Complete the batch file fields
  • Execute the command

Creating a batch file

You can create or modify a batch file using UCONF [copilot.batches] identifiers. The new or modified batch file is available in the next Transfer CFT session.

Executing a batch command

To start batch execution:

  1. Click the Open Batch to execute Batch icon located in the toolbar. In the right pane, the Batch list window is displayed. The logical identifiers for available batches are listed.
  1. Select a batch to submit from the drop-down menu. The list of available batches are defined in the UCONF [copilot.batches] .
  2. Click Next to continue.
  3. Click in the parameters fields and complete as needed.
  1. Click Finish to execute the batch command.
  2. A dialog box appears and confirms the batch execution. You can select from:
  • Ok to repeat the process and submit another batch
  • Cancel to end batch execution

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