Administration (GUI): Start here

This book describe how perform basic Transfer CFT administration functions using the graphical user interface.

The following administrative and monitoring commands can be performed from the Administration menu:

  • Transfer CFT FILE management
  • Modifying Transfer CFT Sentinel tracking configuration

This book is comprised of the following topics:

Topic Describes...

Start / stop Transfer CFT

How to start and stop Transfer CFT .

Transfer CFT file management

The functions controlled by the Transfer CFT file management tab. The Transfer CFT file management tab is used to manually force a switch or purge of the Transfer CFT catalog and log and to select the CFTCOM.

Batch functions

How to create, modify, or start a batch file using the GUI interface.

Using the TURN function

How to pass the session control to a partner.

Managing partner states

The possible partner states and how to manage these states.


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