[ WPHASESTEPS = { D | C | E | H | X } ]

You can use  the WPHASES and WPHASESTEPS parameters to force a transfer to wait until it reaches a specific phase and phasestep for processing. When both WSTATES and WPHASES are set in the command, WPHASES takes precedence and WSTATES is ignored.

See also About phase and phasestep.


config type=com,mediacom=tcpip,fname=xhttp://localhost:1765


send part=loop,idf=t2,wphases=X,wphasesteps=X,wtimeout=40

CFTU00I SEND _ Correct (SWAITCAT_OK: reached phase X, phasestep X, state X)

CFTU00I SEND _ Correct (part=loop,idf=t2,wphases=X,wphasesteps=X,wtimeout=40)

Note When equal to H or D, if the diagnostic is not zero then the command (SEND or SWAITCAT) fails.

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