TIMEP = { 23595999 | HHMMSSCC}

Daily purge time chosen by the user.

The user can program an automatic, cyclic catalog purge.
The default purge time is midnight.

Note: you can deactivate purging completely by defining
TIMEP = 00000000. Use t his option with caution as no automatic purging is performed (at a selected time or at midnight).


[TIMEP = { 23595999 | HHMMSSCC}

Purge time selected by the user.

Note: you can deactivate the next purge function by setting TIMEP = 00000000.

This operation should be used with care, because of the risks of catalog overloading -with a loss of performance, and risk of overflow.

If the next purge is part of a cycle, see the CFTCAT TIMEP parameter, the whole cycle is deleted, and not just the next occurrence of this cycle.


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