[SPART = string32}]

Network designation by which the local Transfer CFT identifies itself to its partner.

If the NSPART parameter of the CFTPART OBJECT associated with SEND is not defined, the SPART value will be taken into account.


In requester mode SPART = string8.

The value of this parameter is usually equal to the identifier (ID parameter of the CFTPART object). In this case the NSPART parameter that is sent is the one defined in the CFTPART object. As such, the NSPART that is sent may exceed 8 characters.

If the CFTPART object does not exist, the NSPART default parameter sent equals the value of the SPART parameter and therefore is not more than 8 characters.


This mechanism is used in particular on the intermediate site providing VAN store and forward: when the SEND command is activated for a transfer to the destination site, this SPART parameter is in fact used to set the NSPART parameter being sent, to the value of the INITIAL sender of the file.


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