[SPACING     = { 36 | n}]     {0..32767}

Interval between synchronization points being sent (in Kbytes).

This parameter is negotiated with the partner (RPACING parameter if Transfer CFT); the smallest value is selected as the interval between the synchronization points. The value 0 means that there are no synchronization points.

During a transfer, the two PeSIT partners take a ‘synchronization point’ whenever the sender sends a ‘SYN’ FPDU. A ‘SYN’ FPDU is sent every ‘n Kbytes’ of data sent (where ‘n’ is the smallest interval value negotiated in the connection phase - between SPACING and RPACING in the case of Transfer CFT monitors).

Each synchronization point acknowledged may constitute a resumption point for a subsequent restart in the event a transfer is interrupted.


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