[RETRYN = { 6 | n } ]

Use this field to specify the number of reconnection attempts to make with a time interval of retryw between attempts.

  • 6 (default value)
  • any other value from 0 to 32767

When retryn attempts have been made without success, Transfer CFT divides retryn by two and multiplies retryw by two and then begins the sequence again up to the total number of times specified retrym.

Example: if retryw = 1, retryn = 8, retrym = 20

In this example the following occurs:

  • Eight retries at one-minute intervals
  • Four retries at two-minute intervals
  • Two retries at four-minute intervals
  • One retry after an eight-minute interval
  • Five retries at sixteen-minute intervals

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