[NPART = { identifier | mask }]

Network name of the transfer partner. The value of this parameter may be:

  • An identifier: the selection relates to the transfers performed with this network name
  • A mask: the selection is generic and relates to the transfers performed with the network identifier whose name corresponds to this mask
  • Omitted: the selection is made according to the criteria indicated in the PART parameter


[NPART = {string }]


[NRPART = { ID value | string}]  PeSIT SIT profile

string8 PeSIT D CFT profile

string24PeSIT E


Default network name for the local site. It is the default value for the NPART parameter of the CFTPART object.

The remote partner must this name to identify itself to the local Transfer CFT monitor, during the connection phase. At the remote site, this value corresponds to the NSPART parameter of the CFTPART object used in the transfer.

ODETTE: In server mode, there may be several CFTPART objects with the same NRPART. For this purpose, IMINTIME = IMAXTIME should be specified.

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