[ MAXDURATION =  n ]     { 0...32767}

Note Only available in requester mode.

The maxduration parameter signals the start of a transfer for transfers in either the transfer or preprocessing phase. You can use the maxduration parameter to set a timeout in order to stop a transfer that is taking too long to complete.

Enter a value in minutes, where the default value (0) zero indicates an infinite amount of time.

When a transfer reaches the maxduration limit, the transfer stops with the following diagnostic code values:

  • DIAGI=121

You can change the maxduration when restarting a transfer, or add a maxduration value if none was previously set. When you suspend a transfer, for example with a HALT command, the transfer's MAXDURATION returns to the original value. That is, if the MAXDURATION = 60, regardless of how much time had passed when the transfer was suspended, when it is restarted the MAXDURATION =60 again.

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