[FORMAT = V23 | V24 ]

Optional parameter. Indicates the format for log messages.

  • V23 (Default value): The Identifier’s length is truncated to 8 characters.
  • V24: The complete Identifier is displayed. The length of the Identifier can be up to 32 characters. Some messages related to a transfer includes the IDTU (Local transfer counter identifier) value.


[FORMAT = V23 | V24 ]

Optional parameter. The FORMAT parameter indicates whether the former record structure should be used (V23 values for compatibility reasons) or if the new structure is to be applied (V24 values).

  • V23 (Default value)
  • V24


[FORMAT = V23 | V24 ]

Optional parameter. Indicates the format for the communication area.

  • V23 (Default value): The communication area between Transfer CFT and user’s exits remains the same.
  • V24: The communication area takes into account the length of the new identifier. For example, the Part length is from 8 to 32,and Filename from 64 to 512.


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