[filenotfound = = { abort | ignore } ]

This parameter manages the desired behavior if a file is not found when performing a Transfer CFT Local Administrator transfer request.

Possible values are:

  • ABORT (default): The transfer is rejected with DIAGI 110 or 610, depending on if Transfer CFT Local Administrator is the sender or the receiver.
    • For a requester/sender transfer, it is rejected with DIAGI=110 (FILE NOT FOUND).
    • For a requester/receiver transfer it is rejected with DIAGI=610.
  • IGNORE: The error is ignored and the transfer ends in phase X.

Troubleshooting information

  • When FILENOTFOUND = ABORT, possible error messages CFTT82E, CFTT72E, and CFTF02E display in the CFTLOG.
  • When FILENOTFOUND = IGNORE, possible warning messages CFTT44W, CFTT82W, CFTT72W, and CFTF02W display in the CFTLOG.
  • See the Messages and error codes section.

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