This parameter enables you to reject an incoming transfer if local file attributes don't match the virtual file attributes.

  • NO (default value) - Transfer CFT behavior is unchanged, and no check is performed. If the virtual file record length and format do not match the FLRECL and FRECFM attributes, the record is truncated or padded.
  • YES - A record check is performed. FLRECL and FRECFM attributes are compared with the virtual file record length and format. If attributes do not match the transfer is rejected.

Rejected transfer on the receiver:

  • The local error code 139 “Invalid file attributes” is set (receiver side)
  • PeSIT reason 200 or OFTP 99 is returned to the sender
  • The message “CFTF27E PART=&part IDF=&idf IDT=&idt local/virtual file attribute mismatch” is logged

Rejected transfer on the sender:

  • The local error code 639 “file attribute mismatch” is set (sender side)
  • The transfer is canceled (state H)

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